The Sykias village in Halkidiki.


The Sykia, a traditional village with a rich history.

Συκιά Χαλκιδική

The Sykia is one of the oldest villages of Halkidiki, which was formerly known by the name of Logos.
There are many stories and speculations about how the village got its current name Sykia. The first mentions that the name was taken from the concept of "shadow (shadow) of Athos', the second indicate in Siggos corruption of the name of the ancient city in the area, and the third says that there was once an ancient fig tree (Sykias) in the center of the village.

It is a traditional village, with its narrow streets and quaint old houses. and a great story that goes back in time.

Το χωριό της Συκιάς Χαλκιδικής