Beraches arround Sykia

The village of Sykia may be located into the valley with mountains to cover their backs, but sees and has access to the sea and many small and large beaches that make up the coastline.

In front of the village you will find the largest beach and typical of the area, the Ai Yiannis, or as it is popularly known as Sykias Bay Beach.

It is a long beach with fine sands and in many places with shallow waters making it ideal for families with young children.

παραλία Συκιάς

 In the south beach of Sykias Bay, a coastal road will drive you to four small bays in the series.

The first is the Linaraki, a very small beach with deckchairs and the tavern there on the road.

Λιναρακι συκιας

After Linaraki will find Pigadaki, or Sykias Skala, the harbor area with many restaurants in the series.

Πηγαδάκι Συκιάς

After the beautiful Pigadaki follows the magical Tourkolimnionas.

A beach with amazing waters and golden sand.

In Tourkolimnionas will find sun beds and restaurants and a beach Bar.